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Learning From the Past, Present, and Future

Hi, it’s me again…but with some different reflections and experiences.

Last time, I talked about service and how it is important to me. However, this time, let’s get a little more personal and talk about my relationships

No, not like the love-dovey with cute Valentines Day date relationship. Moreso, the amazing, cozy friendships I have made over the years.

I have always been a shy person (believe it or not). It takes a whole lot of energy for me to step out of my boundaries, aka talk with people. And majoring in engineering under the pre-med track, I find it quite difficult sometimes to find the time to socialize.

That’s why I committed myself to a mission the moment I got my NYU acceptance letter: we must find people we can vibe with!

I ventured far and wide, looking amongst the hundreds of clubs that NYU offers. I looked behind the Kimmel stairs and the Chipotle near Tandon, when finally I got a text (from someone I don’t even know) in the “NYU 2024” messenger group chat. Though it’s a bit hazy for me to remember what they said, they mentioned “Alpha Phi Omega,” and for some reason, those Greek letters just sounded so glistening…And so, I rushed, pledged, and here I am…

It’s been five semesters since I have crossed, and I still feel excitement about the new beginnings that occur every semester. Throughout the semesters, I built such beautiful friendships, where I can fully be myself and find people who share similar mindsets as me: caring for humanity and being kind to one another (not to be cheesy). Especially when I was rushing, I felt such warmth even through a computer screen. That is why when I became co-rush chair with Ashley Ng for this Spring 2023 semester, I wanted to ensure I could bring in an energy that made people comfortable, express their true selves, and have a crazy, fun time.

So far this semester, I have spoken with almost all of the pledges, and I have not regretted meeting them. Each one of the pledges have offered me new insights I would have not imagined. How to be vulnerable. How to let loose. How to care for the community. How to reunite with an old friend. How to express yourself through music. How to enjoy the culture you are part of. How to remember and celebrate old memories. These are just a few, so imagine how many more insights the pledges of Spring 2023 have brought upon me!

And with old friends, I continue making new memories with them. We do stuff that’s silly but also reminds me of home. We visit museums and wonder about the minds of the great. We do long calls till the AM’s hit. We rant to each other to be comforted and or seek advice. We make clubs that are an extension of our interests (SHOUT OUT THE POW(H)ER COLLECTIVE). And I am so glad I can do all this with people from APO.

I don’t want to end off cheesy, but just know, when you join APO, you join a family that’s got your back and here to support you.


Lamia *Howlite* Tahsin

Beta Kappa, Fall 2020

Recruitment Chair | Spring '23


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