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“Why do you want to go into the legal profession?”

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

“During my semester abroad in London, I worked in a criminal law firm. Before that, I sort of knew I wanted to go into law, but I thought criminal law would have never been for me because I couldn’t imagine myself as a defendant having to argue in court or put together a case for a client that I might not be sure if they were guilty or not. But after working with some of the people there, my view on this changed. There was one case involving a mother and a daughter who were put separately in different cells in a jail after being accused of fraud. Lawyers and people working in the firm are not really supposed to have an opinion on whether the client is guilty or not, so I tried to put my feelings on this case aside. But to see how difficult it was for the mother and the daughter… to be put in cells close to one another but not being able to see each other for almost half a year… I saw the mental toll it took on them. I was put in charge of transcribing the interviews between my mentor and the two women. Hearing the audio, I could tell it was particularly hard for the mother. I think this showed me that I have more empathy than I thought I had. It reminded me that everyone is still human even if they may be accused of something. And I came to appreciate the humanizing aspect of law.” - Vicki Ye, Alpha Omega

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