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"What's a misconception people have about you?"

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

"People I feel like get the idea that I'm not as…I don't mean it in a arrogant way. People find me intimidating and are always shocked when they hear that I want to do a profession that helps people. They thought I would gop into something that makes me a lot of money. But for me money comes second. My idea is that you can always make more money. Even if I lose a hundred dollars I can always make it back. When I went to Paris, I got pickpocketed. For ten minutes I was really upset but, I wasn't upset that I lost all my credit cards and 300 dollars in cash. I was upset that I got picked to be pickpocketed. I called up my mom right after and my mom said you sound like you were okay, you sound very put together right now. It was because when I checked my credit card statement, the guy who took my wallet, he was buying groceries. I was thinking as long as he is using my money for good, I can't be mad about that. Everyone is very desperate to live and this is his way of survival. I'm okay, all of that money can be replaced for me. He was feeding his family. That's fine, I will pay for your family's dinner for a week. My priority is people. When I tell people about what I want to do -that I want to help people in the end - they're like, oh I would never have guessed that. One of the common questions that pledges ask me is if I had one ability, what would it be. Mine is that I want to be able to touch people on the shoulder and take your worries away for a couple of hours." - Hana Kim, Alpha Omega

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