• nyuapobetaiota

"What is an experience that's changed your outlook on life?"

"Learning to play magic the gathering- it's like Yu-gi-oh but older and before it. It's by the same people who made Dungeons and Dragons. Playing the game was the first time it was incredibly clear to me how good it was. Just the way you learn the game - it's really obvious what the different aspects of the game are. I got way better at critical thinking and everything else from playing this game. School, sports.. You can boil the game down to economic principles. The only way to get better is to learn your mistakes. Magic the gathering is about winning so I had to shut down my ego, admit I messed up, and improve on it. I got really good at learning how I make mistakes. People are emotionally invested in being right. It takes a very special type of experience to recognize that being right and learning are different things. Everyone who's played this game says it's the greatest game ever made. The problem is that it costs more than a drug habit. I have 3000 dollars worth of cardboard in my dorm, haha."

- James Chang, Beta Gamma


Page last updated on May 21th, 2020