• nyuapobetaiota

“Is there anything in particular that inspired you to want to be that type of doctor?”

“I hope to be an orthopedic surgeon one day - When I was 5 years old, I had a hernia surgery. I was so young - back then, I didn’t even know anything about science or medicine. My pediatrics orthopedic surgeon sat me down for a good hour and he discussed what hernias were, where it was on me, how he was going to go about fixing it, and how I would be able to fully recover afterwards. I was inspired because his deep care brought me comfort at a time when I was terrified and didn’t know what exactly was going on. You see or hear about so many cases where doctors are constantly in and out trying to treat patients as quickly as possible. I think it’s important that doctors take time out of their schedules to sit down, actually listen to all of their patients’ concerns and problems, and demonstrate empathy. I hope to someday be a good doctor who has a sincere connection with my patients.”

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