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“As a senior, what advice would you give to incoming freshmen?”

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

“I would tell them to bear in mind that all their expectations might be blown away and that they’re not the person they think they are from the start. I feel like the process of college, at least for me, is realizing that I’m not as great as I thought I was but also realizing that I can still do great things. Even if I’m not that idealized person I thought I was first coming in, like that mentality of, ‘I’m super smart, I can do anything. Everything I touch will be an amazing project. I will get A’s on everything.’ You find out with new responsibilities that come with college, like extracurriculars and other activities, that maybe you can’t handle everything and that you’re not this star student, star person, star friend, you thought you were. In high school, it’s easy to consolidate your life into small bits because everything is in the same place - all your friends, all your family. You don’t work; you’re not looking for internships; you’re not looking at future goals other than college. But with college, your life diverges in so many paths that it’s almost impossible to handle everything at once.” - Han Mai, Beta Alpha

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