APO Summer Blog

 1. Felicity Soo

       Felicity Soo wanted to find a community midst the hollow density of NYU’s population. And she found that community in APO. When I asked her about the most important thing that she feels she has gained from APO she said: “the relationships that you develop”. She continued by describing: the interactions that you make with people outside the fraternity through the service events, the interactions you make with people inside the fraternity striving to work together towards a single goal, and the interactions you make through other APO chapters. She said that you are able to connect to people in all different aspects, with her eternal smile that reminds me of lemonade in the summertime. Felicity is thankful for APO because she says that it pushes you to develop your leadership skills whether it is through positions in the fraternity or small situations that help grow you personally as a leader.
        She says that she doesn’t swear, will laugh at anything and
everything, sleeps until 3 pm if she has no plans
and that the sacrifices her mom has made and all the hard work she has done is why she inspires her. When I asked her on what she could possibly talk about for 2 hours or give a lecture on she said: How to be happy. How to understand each other more. How to develop more meaningful relationships. How sometimes we are rooted and held down by our insecurities and unable to liberate ourselves from those insecurities to see our self-worth. How to love yourself. How to try your best in everything. How to think of long term happiness over short term regrets. Her advice to oncoming pledges is that the process is hard but it is absolutely worth it. Felicity is a rising junior from Hong Kong who is studying economics in LS.

3. Sarah Cohen

Something that you’ll learn about Sarah Cohen is that she is incredibly brave. She’s outspoken, not fearlessly, but even more admirably, pushes past her fears to speak up. She’s someone who’s rooted in honesty and using her voice as a tool for change.
Sarah joined APO because she wanted to be inspired to do service and to have a commitment to hold her up to her obligations. But her favorite part about APO is the connections with people who she would've never had the chance to meet. And how those people become friends that become resources that can help you academically or socially. She says, “APO is so nice because you have all these friendly faces.”
One thing she is incredibly proud of is her time working at a counseling center the summer before college. She was able to work with certified counselors that utilized different therapies and coping mechanisms. She said that it was challenging and amazing and helped her grow.
Her favorite memory is her first memory of her great aunt making triangle cucumber sandwiches on the beach and jumping waves.
What she would say to the incoming pledge class is to sign up for as many service events as you possibly can, make sure you’re here for the right reasons, and try to meet as many cool people as you can.


2. Abbey Deena Lepor

       Abbey is someone who cares deeply about APO. It seems that she is always there in the edges and of the fraternity, prepared to help with any problem and challenge. And is someone who both pushes herself and everyone around to make APO the best that it can be.

       A large part of why she’s so passionate about APO is because of the things that it gave her. Like experiencing the moments when people realize that the service that we’re doing has a meaningful impact on someone else: the revelation that “this is what APO is about”. Along with the different people that we get to meet that we might not have without APO; people that might not share our interests or be in the same major as us. And in these relationships we meet, grow, foster, and support. 

       Abbey is impassioned by medicine and health care. She says that she could talk about the history of medicine for hours and is fascinated by the spread of diseases and what health care was like before regulations were put into place. There’s a way that her voice softens and her eyes brighten when she tells me about the class she took on these subjects. 

      Her advice for oncoming pledges is that everything is worth it. The work might seem daunting, but everyone in the room has gone through the same process and is willing to help out.

       Abbey Lepor is a rising senior studying Hebrew and Judaic studies and is on the pre-med track. She is also this year’s APO president!


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