This past year we achieved... 

Hear what our brothers have to say about APO:

Iris Gao

Historian Fall'19 - Spring'20

President Fall '20 - Spring '21

"Ever since starting my journey at NYU, APO has been a community that has been there for me. It's an incredible space where people can come together to laugh, to cry, to be vulnerable with, to feel safe, and to grow stronger together.


It has made me into the leader I am today."

Anushka Shrivastava

Recruitment Chair Spring'20 

VP of Fellowship Fall'20

"APO has helped me find a community of like-minded service-oriented peers. It is like a medium that provides me with opportunities throughout the semester and helps me to inculcate service within my college life."

Shaikh Zareen Mahsheeat

VP of Leadership Fall'20

 “Whether it be the first conversation I had with my big, my littles, or any of the other close friends I made through this organization. The first conversations were the first steps in these meaningful relationships.”

Shaikh's answer to the question: what are some of your most cherished APO moments?

NYU APO 27th Anniversary Gala:

Spring Cherry Blossoms

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