Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed service fraternity dedicated to the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. It is the single most represented intercollegiate service organization in the United States. The fraternity currently has over 400,000 members worldwide across 375 campuses. 


The Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is located at New York University. It was founded in 1938 and rechartered in 1992.

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Hear what our brothers have to say about APO:

James Chang

President Fall '18 - Spring '19

"I found APO by accident but it was not an accident that these people are some of the best friends I have ever had. For almost three years APO has been my entire life and I cannot imagine my life without it. We learn here, we have fun here, and most importantly we do good here.

This is my second family.

This is the family I chose."

Kathy Huot

VP Membership Fall '18, Pledgemaster Spring '19

APO is the one thing I can count on to pick me up when I fall. It’s my support and my second family when I feel like I’m alone. It’s allowed me to grow as an individual, friend, and leader. But most of all, APO holds a special place in my heart, because it’s connected me to hundreds of amazing individuals who are constantly demonstrating the traits of what it means to be a brother. I’m truly grateful for the friends and opportunities that APO has given me over the past two years.

Wenqi Qiu

VP Service Fall '18 - Spring '19

Volunteer work has always been a key part of my college career but it was difficult to stay involved in multiple types of service as an individual. APO's commitment to the community has made it possible for me to explore the various roles available to be of service and to identify the causes I am most passionate about. I found solidarity and discovered a supportive brotherhood that is united by a dedication to group volunteering efforts.

NYU APO 27th Anniversary Gala:

Spring Cherry Blossoms

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